Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Grocery Trip

When standing in line at grocery stores, I am constantly amazed at what other shoppers are buying - the assortments of foods - or rather lack of.

I frequently see huge carts full of food with only about one item of fresh produce in the whole bunch - but the cart is full of chips, cookies, prepared foods, sugar cereals, ice cream etc. And while there's nothing wrong with those foods, it surprises me how much percentage they take up!

I went to the store tonight and bought everything you see in the counter. As I was checking out, I took an objective look at what I was buying and was surprised to see the healthy variety of things I was buying. It was in nearly the exact ratio it should be in relation to the food guide pyramid. And all of this stuff only cost me $55. Who says eating healthy is expensive?

5 backward glances:

Katie said...

I can't remember the last time I only spent $55 at the grocery store. I do have two more kids than you, a sister and a niece that I feed though.... I try to stay on the outside aisles of the store. My mom taught me that, it is the healthy stuff, the veggies, fruit, dairy and meat. Not all the fatty, canned, boxed stuff (Oh but I love that stuff:)

Aislinn said...

I agree with Katie - can't remember the last time that my grocery bill was less than $60! I think that it's awesome that you stuck to the healthy stuff! I wish I liked veggies more!! :)

Rachel said...

I wish I had that much self restraint at the grocery store.
BYW. the brithday cake turned out awesome, I missed so much being off line for a week!

Sarah said...

Good for you! It really isn't that expensive if you shop the sales on veggies, etc. The bad stuff is just easier to prepare, most of the time! :-)

Anonymous said...

me! i say eating healthy is expensive ... i just plunked $300 at the grocery last week and my fridge and pantry were still sad and I mean S-A-D sad. I soo want to have fresh things but have to make do with frozen veggies instead. Even the farmer's market is eeeexxxpeensiiive (and you think local is cheaper)