Thursday, June 26, 2008

Advice Anyone?

Let me just preface this by saying that if you think this blog is about you, it's extremely likely that it isn't, in fact I can very nearly guarantee that it isn't.

So anyway, I need someone to help me out here. Have you had a bum reader? Someone who is just bringing your blog down by reading and not commenting ever but you know their intents aren't pure? They're just reading your blog to have material to be more jealous of you or something.

Maybe I should just say this to that person - please stop reading my blog. Your presence here is not welcome anymore. You don't add anything to this give & take, and actually disturb the flow of this blog more than anything. If you continue to read my blog (and believe me, I know who reads my blog, and how often), I'll be forced to move the whole thing just to exclude you from my life.

If anyone has advice for me to do this without having to change my entire address, I'm open to suggestions. I love 99.999% of my readers but that .001% just bring me down!

Sorry. This has been bugging me for several months and I'm finally getting the guts to lay it out there.

p.s. yes, i do personally know this person. that rules out a great number of my readers.

11 backward glances:

Heidi Sue said...

Not that I know everything, because we both know I don't, but the best thing to do is to tell the person. Tell them how you feel and ask them to please stop reading your blog. Out of respect they should listen.
love ya

Mrs Furious said...

I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I know exactly what you are going through.
For me writing a post telling them to stop reading has worked.
For about a month I got a nasty/ridiculous comment once a week ending in the whole in-law debacle... and now I know it was all the same person all along.

I hope they go away.

Kimmie said...

Well, to who ever is doing this I think you got you message out LOUD AND CLEAR! But maybe consider just telling the person, because I feel it could be me cause I always don't have time to comment on blogs, I just sometimes like to see how you are doing.


Christy said...

The consensus seems to be...Just tell the person outright (now there will be a handful of people it me?..even with your preface). If it was me who was being the bum visitor, I think I'd rather just be asked to stop (privately as to save embarrassment) even if it stings a bit to hear such things. I'd respect your wishes. If that doesn't work can't you just change a setting and then only those who have been "invited" and given pass codes can view your blog? Still a pain but, better than moving the blog. Even if you went with a new address they could probably still find you through links from friends blogs. Just a thought!

Amy said...

To everyone who has commented thus far, no - it is not you and I promise that.

I like the advice and it is my nature to handle something like this that way - you now it is!

However, it's touchy and somewhat political and has to be handled delicately. This person is likely and probably could be very volatile.

I gave this person my address to read ONE SINGLE POST and they have taken complete advantage of that invitation. It's ridiculous and SO RUDE!

To all of my friends, you are not this person.

friendinME said...

yeesh. "You are a Fly On My Wall" but one of the flies needs to be squished.

If the person is doing this intentionally, unfortunately, he/she is not going to stop. If it is unintentional, he/she won't be smart enough to figure it out.

If it were me, I'd just want to be told.

kelly said...

Kinda seems like if you are putting things on the internet, you can't be too picky about who reads it. I mean, it's like producing a tv show and asking certain people not to watch. Only makes it more enticing.

kelly said...

and if I sounded like a butt just then....
sorry. You know the love is strong.
Just telling it like it is.

Amy said...

FriendinMe: yeah, this person is probably that dense. but i can't tell them in person for reasons that don't involve my ability nor desire to do so. I guess i should just ignore it and work around it.

Kelly: You're so mean to me! JK - point taken and yes, I've thought of that. I probably should take your lead and censor my material better. You do that well and I've thought of this approach and leaning toward it because I REALLY don't want to have to change my address.

Jean9 said...

I don't obviously know the whole story, but being on entrecard we all have a lot of readers that don't comment, or even don't read for that matter. It's the nature of the beast!

Original GRITS said...

Since we don't know each other, that totally wipes me out from being the culpret (whew!) but I can relate to what you're saying.

I really don't know anyone IRL who reads my blog(s) for the most part but it does get very disheartening when you've had over 300 views in a day and 1 comment. I don't get that.

I think that just confronting them by saying something directly is probably your best approach.

Good Luck!!