Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Karma: definition up to interpretation

I've mentioned before how when I'm out running I often pick up nails and screws in the road and dispose of them before someone drives on them and gets a flat tire. This week alone, I have probably picked up 6-8 of them, saving 6-8 people the dreaded fate of a flat tire away from home. It's no big deal - every runner/walker probably does that.

I always figured I was helping myself along with others and perhaps I was but I was obviously driving on roads yesterday that I don't run on because I ended up with a nail in my tire and a flat tire this morning. At least I was home.

Unfortunately I discovered it only moments before I needed to leave to go pick up Bugs from her 4 day visit to her Grandma. We were meeting 1/2 way between her house and mine, a good 45 minute drive from both our houses and she'd already left. Well, like I said earlier...nothing clears a schedule like a flat tire.

My good friend Rachel also dropped everything to come watch my kids later in the afternoon so I could take the Jeep down and get the tire properly repaired. It was such a nice gesture especially considering all going on in her own life.

Not that the day was all bad - it was actually a really good day. Just nothing what I expected it to be, that's all. I suppose it was good that I didn't have to work today and that crap falls on days that I have the time to deal with it.

On a much brighter note, I discovered that an abandoned lot here in town by the old Ace Hardware will now be turning into a Kneaders restaurant cafe. That's the best news all day. I could easily become addicted to their panini. YUM!

Oh no wait. That is NOT the best news all day. The best news all day has to be the fact that we are no longer a 1-car family. The Marshmallow finally sold his work truck to his boss, which he never wanted to take the girls anywhere in, and bought a nice king cab that will hold us all and I no longer feel like I'm leaving them all high and dry on a Saturday when I go to work. I will never ever again take for granted having my own car. I feel 16 again - it's all mine...finally.

3 backward glances:

Becky said...

I guess we all need to go running on that road and find the nails.....

Mom said...

Now that you'll have your "own" Kneaders, I guess we'll NEVER see you in West Jordan again to share ours! Aren't they great? I was excited when they built the one in Jordan Landing, and it's always busy. Congrats on your car purchase. You probably FEEL 16 because these days you're LOOKING 16 again! You are beautiful, and I'm proud of you for picking up nails for others. Sorry about your own flat.

Mom said...

Very strange....I left a comment and then it disappeared when I went to publish so here goes again....I guess we'll never see you in West Jordan again now that you'll have your "own" Kneaders! I love them too and was very excited when they opened in Jordan Landing. Congrats on your new truck, and though that freedom can certainly make you feel 16 again, you have another reason for feeling 16 -- you LOOK 16 these days! I'm proud of you for picking up nails for others.