Friday, June 11, 2010

A Spider In A Most Unwelcome Place

which was on my pillow at 2AM the other night. He was looking at me when I woke up to change positions. I guess The Marshmallow was awakened by my frantic flailings to get the spider off of my bed because he teased me really badly about it the next day. That was sort of embarrassing because I thought I was, in the essence of the my angst.

The Marshmallow's been after me for months to call in the pest control guys to spray but it's $80 - come on we can deal with a few spiders can't we? And I could...until that last straw. Needless to say I was on the phone before 10am the next day to schedule them.

And they came today thank goodness. I know that spider I pushed off my bed the other night didn't die and the thought of him lurking somewhere under my bed has really been giving me the willies. What if he climbs onto my pillow again - or worse, onto my face while I'm sleeping? I know this type of thing happens - that I wake up with spider bites is the sheer proof, but I never actually know that there is a spider in my room until later. That he's there before I go to bed really makes for restless nights - maybe that's what my dreams were made of. Though there were no spiders in them so who knows.

Anyway, so in prep for the spraying, I had to literally pull everything in my home (within reason) away from the walls. This is no easy feat under any circumstances. It took several hours to clear away the clutter to be able to do it. And I remembered why I don't do it very much - I mean, clean behind things. It's a pain! But I realized that I actually should have the house sprayed more often because it's a very good opportunity to vacuum behind all of this stuff! And it really needed it! I'm not a lousy housekeeper but when it comes to behind, well just never come to my house and check out behind my couch. So I took the opportunity to vacuum behind the big stuff today - vacuuming up LOTS of dead spiders (eww), and plenty of other random items. WHEN are they going to come out with self-cleaning houses? I mean really. Does the world really need Blackberries and all this other new-fangled electronics? Somebody needs to get to work on self-cleaning houses. That's a company worth investing in.

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