Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sewing Machines for Dummies

If this book exists, I should buy it and memorize it. It's that simple.

But a big shout-out to The Sewing Machine Doctor...a little, I guess company now that makes house calls! I've had The Sewing Machine Doctor (SMD, for short) to my house before and at the time, this little ancient man shows up and shows me the finer points of the old green machine. He told me it was a good machine, fixed the tension, gave me a few tutorials, sold me some needles, put a sticker on my machine and left. I wondered if when I ever called the number again would I be informed that he had passed on to greener pastures and that they were no longer doing business. But, it had only been two years so I gave it another try.

Now...his step-son showed up, a much younger SMD, just as nice and quite likely to carry the business into many future years. That's why I called it a company now instead of just a single man. So, I was actually relieved! I hate the idea of carrying my sewing machine to a store and leaving it for a week. This home service is a nice touch and not at all expensive!

So anyway, the nice SMD took one look at my machine, informed me that yes I was an idiot (because I used those words first) and showed me plainly what I had done wrong. My machine was not in fact broken. He even said he wasn't even going to charge me. Then, he showed me a few more things about my machine that I didn't know like another way to make ruffles (yay!), how to do a blind stitch using only the straight stitch, then put another sticker on my new machine and said good-bye.

I really heart the SMD.

I doubt I have any readers but you, single reader out there, but if I do, the SMD states he will go all over the place from Ogden to Provo. He is worth it too! Just give him a call.

The Sewing Machine Doctor
801-295-6863 Bountiful
801-399-9990 Ogden
801-599-4442 Salt Lake
801-373-3188 Provo

So, when you need the info, just return here and get his number and give him a call.

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Controlling My Chaos said...

What a cool service. Even if he did charge more, it would be worth it to not have to lug your machine in and then wait for weeks to get it back. How neat.

Amy said...

That's what I'm talking about!

Aislinn said...

Yeah, he came and looked at my Machine too! Unfortunately for me there was a few internal things that needed to be taken care of and he had to take it with him for a week... but he brought it back and that was nice!! They are good people! Glad you got your machine working again and that you learned some new things!

Lesley said...

Ooohh- do you think he would come to Kentucky and teach me more about using mine!

I'm interested to know more about the ruffle part he showed you. And, I have to admit, I don't even know what a blind stitch is. You'll have to educate me!