Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'll Post The Good Stuff

because I could post about the entire day I wasted sewing what was supposed to be the cutest romper EVER but ended up looking like the cutest clown costume ever. Whatever. I'm annoyed and frustrated but am willing to try again because the end result...the one that Lesley got, is worth working for.

So I'll post about my roses because at least they look beautiful. Remember how I pruned my roses this Spring? I sort of got worried about how much I hacked them. But I diligently watered them like a river and I am happy to report that they are doing well. Especially the ones by my front door which are absolutely stunning right now. And the!

So here it is after I pruned this particular bush...And the resulting awesomeness (my new fav word)
The lighting was the worst for this picture so it doesn't do this bush justice at all but you get the idea. It's fantastic. Can you believe how much a couple of months can do?

2 backward glances:

Lesley said...

Oh my gosh - that rose bush is stunning!! I would love to smell it! It totally makes up for yesterday's sewing disaster ;)

Rachel said...

The flowers look fantasic!