Monday, June 28, 2010


you single and solitary reader of my blog.

My day was good today. I was up before dawn which in and of itself makes for a good day. My house was cleaned up, relatively, by 7 and I was able to sit for a moment and enjoy the peace and quiet.

I never did get a shower though unfortunately. My day sped away as usual and left me behind. No problem. I did get some visiting with several friends today and it felt good. Feels like 100 years ago that this morning I was commenting that I feel like I don't have any left. I'm such a nerd.

Don't ask me why but I signed up for a bike race today. The Tour de St. George. Why did I do this, I ask? I'm not necessarily a biker. I OWN a bike and have been in bike races (haha, A bike race - and that was a mini triathlon) before but don't consider myself a all. It's 60 miles - that's a lot. I might hate myself later but we discussed my jumping into the water thing. It's an Amy-ism.

Bugs is spending a few days with her Grandma this week which means it's just me and Tinkerpot. Quite a different dynamic having only one child - something I'd completely forgotten. Sort of nice but not nice in another way. I miss her beautiful little face prattling nonstop at me. I can tell Tink misses her too by the way she stands at my feet and whines she's bored. I'm not bored however. I get a lot of stuff done when I'm down to 1 kid.

Oh, if you've read this far then you can read a few lines further. I am having a little party next Friday night. You are invited solitary reader. It's the 9th at 7pm at my house. I invited a lady I met to spread out some really cute jeans on my lawn and we get to gawk at them while we visit and eat some yummy food that hopefully I can either buy or talk someone else into making for me. Just kidding - I CAN cook when I feel like it. We might play some fun games and hang out for a while. Just bring yourself and your cute hiney that you want to fit into some cute jeans - no pressure to buy please. She's coming but I'm just looking for an excuse to get my friends together in one place so I can remember what they look like. :)

See you there!

3 backward glances:

your mom said...

I'm not your solitary reader...and I would love to come to your party anyway....but I have a date that night and he's important to me. Sorry, honey, but have a good time and know that I'm with you in spirit if not in body.

Lesley said...

Wish I could come!! : )
Is there an online way to look at the jean company?

Amy said...

well hey! I have two readers! Sweet!

Lesley: I asked the girl and she said she'd try to get you something so you can see what they have. I'll forward you the email she sent me and it lists all the brands they have. I saw them at the Farmer's Market last week and I was dying they were all so cute and amazingly inexpensive compared to normal designer jeans. i wish you could come too!