Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dreaming of Kids

My most potent dreams are usually in the early morning hours after I have already been awakened by the alarm clock and now I'm just dozing.

This morning, during those hours, I dreamt individually of each of my kids and the dreams were awful. Scary. And so real that when I woke from each one I just breathed in relief that they were truly just dreams. That's what I hate about dreams - that sometimes while in them, they feel like true reality.

First I dreamed that I was working full time and that instead of bringing Tink in to the company-owned daycare each morning, I would leave her in the car belted up for a few hours. My rationale in my dream seemed my dream and we know how that goes. Once when I went out to my car to get something, she had pulled her carseat out of its clips and she was in the process of worming her way out of the seatbelt. She was red in the face and it was quite warm in the car. In my dream...I did this daily. What on earth?

Then in my next dream, Bugs and I were cruising on the freeway when I got into a big crash and we both went flying out the windows. I landed on the side of the road but she landed, amazingly, on both feet in the middle of traffic whizzing by her. The traffic kept failing to hit her miraculously until something that looked like a speeding woman, hit her in her leg and broke it. She was wonderously brave as the police came and took her to a hospital that interestingly, had no hospital beds but rather real beds. They took her up into an attic-like room that was outfitted sort of like a bedroom where she had to share a big comfy-looking bed with an old lady who looked like the wolf in granny's clothing in an odd sort of way. During all of this, the doctors were making Bugs walk up and down stairs in order to prove that her leg was broken.

I should have gotten up when my alarm rang.

2 backward glances:

Lesley said...

I'm thinking a psychologist would have a field day picking those two dreams apart! Hope tonight's sleep is much more peaceful!

Rachel said...

You seriously need to get some rest, and perhaps a much needed vacation :)