Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I just finished reading Wicked. The book was really good and I loved it. But then I'm a total lover of The Wizard of Oz.

This post is a spoiler so if you've not read it or seen the broadway show, you probably shouldn't read more.

I was disappointed that the events didn't necessarily adhere to the movie. It aligned closely enough but in my humble opinion, the movie IS GOSPEL. And it was really weird to see things on the other side of the fence. Like the WWW was actually a person who perhaps wasn't as "wicked" as she appeared in the movie. And let's just admit it - she came off as REALLY wicked! I watched the parts of the movie with her in it and she really outdid herself. She was awesome (the actress, I mean) - absolutely incredible as a wicked witch. I just love her. Just look at that body language people. A true work of art!

There were a lot of political agendas in this book and lots of back and forth banter about good vs. evil. I think those discussions were necessary to justify the Witch's progression from essentially a good/neutral persona into what she became, which in my opinion wasn't as wicked as crazy/insane.

I enjoyed the recharacterizations and depth of character of figures we've "known" for a long time such as Glinda, the Good Witch, and the Wicked Witch of the East whom we never really did get to see any of besides her shriveled toes. Also the Wizard of Oz had a lot of face time and what he was up to for years before Dorothy entered the scene.

All in all, I could have done without the political posturing, some of the meaningless filth and the endless good vs. evil rhetoric but the story was entertaining. What I mean to say is that I like a story...plain and simple. I don't like to have to delve too much into the deeper meanings. They usually are way over my head. I'm shallow. True story.

Oh, by the way - I mentioned to my do-gooder sister that I was reading Wicked and how much I was enjoying it. Her reaction was that it was filth...pretty bad stuff. Um, I get that there were parts that weren't you know, awesome and "of good worth" but .... yeah, I got over it.

Can't wait to see the Broadway musical.

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steph said...

I'll just let you in on the fact that the broadway is mostly like it... but certainly had a lot of differences! I thought the book was OK, and I loved the broadway.