Monday, September 7, 2009

A Real Conversation

Kid: "Mom, get me some water", stated as she is going to bed.

Mom: "I don't take orders from a kid."

Kid: "Why not?"

Mom: "Because I'm not your slave."

Kid: "Yes you are!"

Mom: "No. I'm not." Rolling my eyes. We've been here before...obviously.

Kid: "Yes you are! Moms are SLAVES!" she practically screams, indignant at my ignorance!

Well, I stand corrected!

2 backward glances:

Steve said...

That's where I give them the "I'm only required to give you food, clothing, shelter and education. Everything else you have is because I love you. Now do you want to try that again?" speech. :-)

Amy said...

i love it Steve. I'm gonna try it.