Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The other day I brought the baby out and as she played, I lay on my back and stared up into the sky. It was a warm sunny day and I felt totally at ease. Happy.

I was happy because it was warm, the sun was on my face, the trees are green, the baby's not crying, I'm not in pain, my house wasn't too much of a mess, it wasn't a work day, and I was laying on a blanket in the sun.

I realized that happiness is a moment-by-moment event. You can possibly achieve happiness full time but then how would you appreciate moments of pure happiness? If in a person's day, one can achieve moments of delirious contentment, then those are the moments to live for.

My moment of happiness...
The cat wondering if her moment of pleasure is about to end...and how to escape.

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Rachel said...

Perfect. I love happy days. And you're right, we must appreciate the moments.