Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Child Food Challenges

Bugs: picky from the start...

Like many, I have a very picky eater. At 5 years old, if it even looks like grown-up food, she hates it. This can be very discouraging. So many wonderful foods don't really look like they're delicious and so to get her to try anything is pulling teeth.

It's gotten to the point where I make very simple dishes and The Marshmallow just has to eat it too. That's my main problem. I don't mind cooking Mac 'n Cheese and plain old chicken (no sauces or seasonings please!) but I'm sure my husband would rather have grown-up food. I'd really like to try Deceptively Delicious because I've heard those are "real" foods that have good stuff in them too. I'm not above misleading my children for health. Believe it.

Along these same lines, I've been getting that Kraft Food & Family magazine, a monthly freebie magazine with lots of recipes that look wonderful. Now not all of them are that fabulous but they look great anyway. It's an advertising ploy because most of the recipes use...can you guess...Kraft food items. No biggie - I can easily replace Kraft ranch with no-name Ranch and call it good. Back to the story...I was leafing through the newest issue that came in the mail today - a ritual I'm trying to get used to - go through the magazine the day it comes, clip out whatever you want and throw the magazine away the same day ... buuuut anyway... there was a little insert in there about kid's lunches. It gave lots of ideas that I'd never thought of. Stuff she'd probably really eat! Like this...

1) tiny bagel sandwiches with turkey and cheese
2) whole wheat tortilla roll-ups with deli meat and cheese
3) layered salad with cheese, deli turkey (chopped), lettuce and ranch
4) reduced fat cream cheese and jam sandwich (coupled with healthy side dishes this is good!)
5) egg sandwich (scrambled with cheese on toast)

I always add a fruit and milk to the side of any meal mainly because it just makes me feel like a good mom doing good things for my kids.

I'm tired of the same olds: nuggets, pizza, pb&j. She needs variety in her diet and I need variety in what I make. I got some good ideas. Hope these gave you some too.

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Tiffany said...

I have deceptively're welcome to borrow it and see if it would work for her. I don't love ALL the recipes, but most of them are pretty good, and as long as I prepare ahead of time so Zerin doesn't see what I'm putting in it. Once you figure out how she does it, you can pretty much incorporate the purees into any recipe.

Tammy said...

I have difficulties with my 10yo son. He's autistic and a picky eater. There are many nights that I fix a meal for him and my daughter (she is 6 and likes to eat what her brother is eating) and a different meal for me and my husband. I'm trying to not do that as often as I used to.

I love the KRAFT magazine. You are right though, some of the recipes are not quite as good as they look. I have had to tweak them a little to make me happy.

Amy said...

Tiffany: thank you! But I ordered it just minutes after this post. I got it off Amazon, used for like $3 - what a deal. I'm hoping to get some good ideas at least!

Tammy: I know autism has its challenges with picky eaters. I probably have nothing to complain about compared to what you no doubt go through. Have you tried their version of easy lasagna or easy manicotti? I can't decide if I love it or hate it! It's got that Zesty Italian dressing in it and while it adds a definite twist to it, I just don't know. You should try it. It's in last month's magazine.

Rachel said...

Charley eats oatmeal, and occasionally peas. And for now I am ok with that. Is that bad? She is the best nurser and still chunky as can be. The boys love Chinese food and anything pasta so I am hoping that she will someday accept a little more in her diet.
I tried to sign up for the Kraft magazine this week and they are charging a subscription fee! No joke, they are doing it across the board depending on how long you have received your FREE one, someday soon you'll receive an invoice for future mags. I was so sad. I hope the emails are still free. Somebody decided the free ads in the magazine weren't enough to pay for the print and postage I guess.