Monday, September 21, 2009

Get A Better Start On Your Mornings

I don't profess to know all there is about how to get a kid out the door to school without too much chaos. After all, this is my first real year of doing it. What I do know is that I've never been a morning person and after 20 odd years of forcing myself out of bed at literally the last possible moment for school, I know a few things about pain-proofing the process as much as humanly possible.

Last year, when Bugs started preschool, I quickly learned that getting up at the last moment possible just wasn't going to cut it. The result was me yelling for her to hurry and her learning the lesson that being late is normal and okay. I wasn't alright with that. I started getting up earlier and streamlining the process.

I added something that worked fantastically for me while in college. In this respect I'm only organized because I'm lazy about mornings.

You guys, this really only takes about 10 minutes of your Sunday and is so worthwhile every single morning. Instead of trying to find a pair of socks that match the shirt, or where all the underpants went, why is this stupid shirt so wrinkly and oh my heck! I forgot to dry the load of jeans! All these catastrophes instantly solved...

Set out a week's worth of clothes including socks (tucked into pockets) and underpants. Trust me. I promise this is worth its weight in gold.

Sorry for the terrible picture - I've lost my camera's memory card adapter and my phone just doesn't take the best pics.

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Katie said...

When they are older and pick out their own clothes it gets a little trickier. I do have Savannah pick out her outfit the night before- that does seem to help a lot- But she could never pick out a weeks worth of clothing on Sunday.