Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Looth Tooth

Bugs came home from school today so excited. Her hands were over her mouth and she couldn't contain herself. She has her first loose tooth!

Turning 5 has been an extremely big deal for her and she waited so impatiently for her turn, ticking off a list as each of her friends turned 5 before she did. And after they all turned 5, they started losing teeth. But not Bugs. I didn't expect her teeth to fall out for many more months. But I'm glad for her that they are because she can sort of feel like she's caught up with the ones who turned 5 so long before she did.

And while Bugs was so excited, my reaction was so unexpected I had to catch my breath. As I stared down into that little mouth at that tiny tooth that soon would no longer be part of her cute face, I actually started to cry. I remember when that tiny tooth made its first appearance and how proud I was of her. Because this loose tooth was the very first to come in. All of these little signs that my first baby is not a baby.

I cried the first day of Kindergarten but strangely, I cried more with that looth tooth.

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Rachel said...

Brodie just lost his first tooth today and he will be 7 in a month! I'm hoping the late lost is because he has great teeth, and not a sign that the dentist will have to pull them out because they are stubborn. I can't believe you REMEMBER which tooth came in first!