Sunday, January 25, 2009

Let's Get Real

Am I a whiner or what? Tons of pregnant women have blogs and you never see them wallowing in self pity. I need to get control of myself!

Today is Sunday and while the sun isn't necessarily shining, I feel better after my purge last night so thank you for your indulgence on my sorry behalf.

I'm so happy today is church, as that is one place I can go and focus on something other than myself. I've said since I started going back to church 3 years ago that it is one of the most peaceful places I go and I'm so lucky I get to go there every single week. I know the "peaceful" part will be ending for a while as I'll have an infant to care for but there's still an element there that I cherish regardless of what hassle I might be dealing with. And SP has always been a dream through the meetings.

I'm going to set a few goals for myself this week as that always helps me change my perspective and help me feel I'm getting back on track.

1) Absolutely finish the nursery - top to bottom including getting all clothes washed, folded and put away

2) Spend 10 minutes in each chaotic room to bring peace back to those spaces

3) Do a full load of laundry every day (DH goes through SO MUCH laundry during the winter)

4) Make sure the kitchen is clean each night before I go to bed

There. Those are easy and shouldn't freak me out too much. Next Sunday I'll let you know how I did.

4 backward glances:

Tiffany said...

You are my hero :)

Rachel said...

You know, everyday I unload my dishwasher and think of you. Your the one that gave me the insight that the day goes better with an empty dishwasher to load up.
Good goals, something to keep you going. I wish I could meet you at the corner.

Regina said...

Great goals! Remember to pace yourself.

Christy said...

You're doing great! Not much longer. More women than you know can relate to how miserable the last little bit is and they just want their bodies back regardless of how much sleep they will be deprived of. Can't sleep well anyway with how uncomfortable you are near the end. How can I help? Would you let me even if there were something? I had an angel help me with my last month when I was pregnant with Ethan. She was a blessing even though my first response was "No thank you, I'm fine." :)