Monday, November 24, 2008

I USED to Love Mondays

...and now I dread them. Ever since school started, I feel like I just do non-stop running all day long.

Run the carpool kids to school
Run to work
Run through my routine at work
Run back to pick up SP
Run home to get her ready for dance
Run home to finish my paperwork to submit for my other job
Run out to pick up the carpool kids from dance
Run home and get ready for my church meeting
Run over to the meeting
Run home to get dinner started
Run to my next job...

Today was no different. Except that amidst my running, I found a few minutes to get my eyebrows waxed (yeah!), and also my upper lip that I finally let the girl talk me into. I'm to that point where I'm fishing for ways to make myself feel like the semi-attractive person I used to feel like. And now that I have no fuzz on my upper lip, I'm sure I'm going to win Mrs. America.

I also found time to run to the grocery store and buy some necessities including molasses I need for the annual marathon caramel popcorn fiesta that Renee and I are doing tomorrow. See last year? I needed 1 more jar of it and I put it in the back of the Jeep and headed home. When I got there, I opened up the door, and that stupid bottle rolled right out and smack onto the driveway. Have you ever had to clean up molasses off a cold driveway? Oh my gosh. It seriously spoiled my mojo today - I had to carve out plenty of time to get it off or else I think I'd have a hardened, condensed patch of molasses there for the rest of eternity.

And then I had to find time to get BACK to the store for more. Nice. It wasn't as bad as this picture though. Can you even imagine? After today, I just shudder.

3 backward glances:

Rachel said...

Holy cow, what a day. I did chuckle at the wax story. I may have to sneak over and get my done. I do love clean brows and lip, it does make the face look brighter for some reason.
You are way to busy for a pregnant lady :)

Amy said...

tell me about it!

infoscian said...

Hello Amy, How is your health now?