Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Deed is Done and I Couldn't Be Happier

This year Renee (my sister) and I upped the amount of caramel popcorn that we decided to make. Last year I thought we made a ton but this year we surpassed even our own expectations.

10:00 begin - "This is going to be so great!"
12:00 - "This is fun!"
1:00 - "We work so well together; it's like being double!"
2:00 - "We have how many batches left to make?"
3:00 - "Who said this was fun?"
4:00 - "Who's getting all this freakin' popcorn anyway? Isn't there someone we can take off the list?"

We're pretty organized about our plans and I'm glad Renee is the boss of me because after about 2:00, I became a drone. Glassy-eyed, sit my butt on a chair, useless brain-cells. She was reduced to just giving me orders. Go Renee!

At least I get to go to bed! Poor Renee has to go to work tonight too!

2 backward glances:

Joy said...

These look so awesome!

Rachel said...

Oh that looks so good. What is the recipe? I do love how your sister really is your double.