Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Finally Got It!

Yeah! I finally was able to buy my grain grinder! I've been waiting for a long time but finally got the one I wanted at a price that seems reasonable to me.

And now I can start using my vast supply of wheat berries which is mainly the point of having them in the first place!

I've been enjoying so much the kitchen classes on wheat and wheat bread that our local Ace Hardware puts on. For the most part, they are free and you often get a 10% coupon off of whatever you buy that day which is actually how I got the grinder at such an affordable price ($225, normally $300 for those with inquiring minds).

I have acquired several really good wheat bread recipes through these classes and am making my very first loaves with freshly ground wheat right this very minute. I'm so excited - I just preheated the oven.

The smell of fresh bread will soon be wafting through my whole house - come on, there's just nothing better, is there?

2 backward glances:

Heidi Sue said...

You lucky, Lucky lady!

Esther said...

mmm! Fresh Bread! I cooked two loaves of Honey Wheat Bread, and two loaves of Banana Bread on Sunday and have been enjoying them all week. Of course I didn't have my own wheat grinder! I'd love one though!