Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Truly a Miracle

I had mounds of trepidation upon pulling out the bags of Christmas lights today. Flashbacks of the past three years compelled me to nearly take Valium prior to this monumental task which lay ahead of me for the rest of the afternoon.

Last year, I had neatly coiled up all of the lights separately in bags with their hangers still attached, which I've now learned is a very smart thing to do.

My memory served me well in what "to do" and "NOT to do". I did one string at a time, inside. Laid them out, tightened the bulbs, attached broken hangers and made sure they were all working bulbs. Then, and only then did I even go outside.

Each string went up as if I were a pro. I felt exonerated in my abilities as they each bulb attached neatly and quickly. The whole task was done in under an hour. Amazing!

I did have to climb up on the roof one time which, had there been a video, would have been worthy of sending to America's Funniest Home Videos - mostly me getting down. My belly's big and I had to sort of lay on it and shimmy around until I could get my feet on the ladder. I wasn't scared but it was definitely needing my intense concentration and all of my balancing faculties.

Anyhoo, the job's done - and I'm glad of it.

4 backward glances:

Aislinn said...

very good! I'll have to drive by for a peek after Turkey day!

Rachel said...

You know, your a little too independent for your own good! But I'm glad the job is done and you can enjoy those purty lights all season long.

Tiffany said...

you rock!!! The Tweede's got an eye-full last year when I did the same thing. Something about an 8 month pregnant woman hanging Christmas can't be listed among the smartest of activities, but it sure is gratifying to do, and probably hilarious to watch :)

Ari from said...

We quickly learned to steer clear of my dad when he was trying to untangle those Christmas lights!