Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving & Black Friday Ramblings

So...Happy Thanksgiving! It was the in-law's turn for Thanksgiving so off we went on Wednesday evening to the remote town of The Marshmallow's youth where about 25 of our family converged for a chaotic if cozy Thanksgiving dinner. It was fun, I grudgingly concede!

I was invited by my sister-in-law to participate in Black Friday this morning. After reviewing the ads, and reminiscing about the nightmare Black Friday of last year, I decided against it. I mean really, who gives TV's and other expensive electronics for Christmas? I guess there are lots of people who do but I usually shop those sales when I'm waiting for a great sale on that stuff for our family. And honestly, the economy has not been kind to this family this year and there just isn't a great deal to spend on superfluous stuff so I just stayed in bed.

Black Friday has become increasingly crazier every year. I remember years ago it was frenzied but it wasn't insane like it has become. Last year, we stood in a line at ShopKo for over an hour, and then I may have blogged about the Toys R Us scheme/scandal that occurred that really soured me against going out anymore. The online deals are nearly just as good and can be accessed from the comfort of my own home at a more sane hour. If I do go next year, it'll be only to maybe 1 or 2 stores and will be a "just for fun" type thing instead of a "do or die" shop extravaganza like it's been in the past.

3 backward glances:

Aislinn said...

I love your posts! You know, BF has to be a "just for fun" adventure b/c it's those "do or die" people that get all crazy and cause problems!! I love going out - but I never go with the mindset that if I don't get something then my Christmas is shot! And I agree - who gets those big electronic things for people for Christmas anyway?!

Rachel said...

I'm proud of you for sleeping in and not joining in with the craziness. All day long on Friday I kept wondering if I was missing anything. But you know, the day passed and in the end my checking account & my husband thanked me for staying home.
BTW. We had our annual Christmas Light Fight yesterday, I didn't dare get on the ladder at 9 months prego, and finally the hubby did concede to hang the lights, but was none to happy about it. Why I ask, why? What is Christmas without lights to greet you each time you drive into the house.

Melissa said...

I don't think Black Friday shopping is something a Pregnant woman should do :)