Monday, December 1, 2008

So What? I'm Easily Distracted

So, where have I been lately that's caused me not to blog? Scrabbling. I'm a hopeless junkie and have been for years.

When I graduated from the U of U, I got my first Scrabble board game from my older sister, Renee, and even though I'd always loved the game, I was soon completely addicted, and could be found playing against myself (you know, rotating the board each turn just to have an opponent). Since then I've purchased several software versions. And, for the past two weeks, I've been scrabbling each night, late into the night, against the computer (and might I add, beating Mavin every single time!)

I'm ready to branch out though, I think. I know there are tons of on-line games going on all of the time where you can play actual people! People that actually WANT to play Scrabble, and don't just feel coerced into playing because I'm begging and crying. No one in my life likes to play except my little sister and since she lives in Idaho, I don't get to play her much. I thought that since she was an English major, she'd have kicked my butt - but no. I'd been practicing! I'm not sure she'd play me anymore though. I hope so!

So, if anyone out there is up for a great game of Scrabble and would like to play against me (a player who can sort of hold her own), then I welcome you to an online game - anytime!

2 backward glances:

Amy said...

No takers? I'm so disappointed!

friendinME said...


I thought of this post when I posted to my blog tonight...

(I like the cartoon better than the post!)

And.. I will take you up on a game of Scrabble sometime. Where and how can be played online?