Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 1 Down

I've not had a particle of sugar today and the craving didn't really hit hard until around 5pm.

I made SP put all of her Halloween candy in her her room where I couldn't see it. She's a very pretty good kid and won't eat it unless she asks so I don't worry about it being in there.I dumped out a 1/2 pan of brownies, threw out the twizzlers and put the bowl of M&M's away so I couldn't see them anymore.

I'm still jonesing pretty bad but I'm also dead tired so if I had to choose between a Twix and my pillow, my pillow is going to win.

How long is it going to be hard like this? A week, two? #$%^%$

3 backward glances:

Rachel said...

I'm embracing the sugar high. What's it going to hurt at this point :)

Mom said...

I applaud you, my dear! You will feel so good about this decision when your body gets over the "hump"!

josey said...

how's the sugarless amy doing? :) i have actually been doing the same thing--as well as NO WHEAT--for the last 4 weeks! the first week was H-E-doublehockeystix. LOL. but once your body figures out it wont be on an insulin rollercoaster, you'll be good to go :) shouldnt take more than a few days to a week!!

you can do it!!! once you havent had it for a while you'll find things like fresh or dried fruit will be plenty sweet for ya. keep us updated!