Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tink's Birthday Is Here

My little Tinkerpot is one today. We'll have an extended family party on Saturday for her but today, we had a small celebration for her. It's such a hoot to see a baby eat cake.

Things I want to remember about her at one:

  • the way she says "ooooooooh" when she sees something that interests her
  • the way she sings to any song that comes on the radio
  • her favorite song is the opener to the cartoon "Olivia"
  • her fat little legs poking down from dresses
  • when you say "I'm gonna get you!" she grins and runs right to you with her arms wide open
  • when I sing to her at night before I lay her down, she immediately rests her head on my chest
  • she'll have a binky in her mouth and one in her hand so when I take the one out of her mouth, I'll turn around and she'll have another one in there
  • she tries to get both fists into the animal cracker jar and pulls out as many as she possibly can then shoves them all into her tiny little mouth
  • I put her first ponytail in her hair yesterday. It lasted 1 hour
  • if you say, "give kisses!" she pushes her face toward your face to give a kiss
Nicole (Tink), you, sweet baby, are what I prayed for, what I earnestly asked your Heavenly Father for. I don't know why he felt that I was worthy to be your mom but I'm so grateful to have you in my life. Your sweet bumbling toddler walk makes my heart want to explode with love whenever I think about you. I'm so grateful that you are in our family. We just weren't complete without you. Happy Birthday Tinkerdoodle.

4 backward glances:

Kimmie said...

How could you say if you were worthy enough for this baby..... you are! You are a great mom and any child would love to have you as a mother.

Katie said...

So cute- I can't believe she is one already. WE are so lucky to be blessed with these sweet little people. I know just how you feel. Good job mommy:)

Amy said...

I just love these little tiny people, even when they're driving me up a tree.

Rachel said...

So incredibly cute. My how this year is flown by. The birthday cake looks wonderful and the little milestones are so adorable. YOu are a wonderful mom with two little girls that will be JUST like you. Blessings on the good days and the bad days.