Friday, February 26, 2010

Something I've Noticed

A great number of healthy, little, old ladies have got their crap together! Like, their houses are perfectly tidy, everything is organized to the nines, they have a laundry day, a paperwork day, a gardening day, a day to ... I don't know...dust their miniatures.

They stick to these too. It's amazing!

Now let's scrutinize this a bit though. First off, they don't have as much going on in their worlds as when they had kids in the house, tons of hefty callings at church, a job to go to, an exercise regimine to adhere to, a crapload of errands to run, housework etc, etc, etc.

They also don't have a load of kids running around their house messing up everything that was just tidied. Their time for that was here and gone.

So I realize that old ladies have a better chance of sticking to these organizational routines that I lust after but I still want to have my organization nit picky like that too. My chances are nill right now.

Have you ever thought that these old ladies get it perfect after years and years of working toward it. And just when they've got it down...swoop the grim reaper comes and messes it all up! That's just so not fair! I want to wallow in my life-long-learned organizational bliss when I'm 90 for a few years before I have to give it up!

6 backward glances:

Tiffany said...

hahaha, so so true. This is so ironic, because just TODAY I was looking at the handout you gave me from that RS group you hosted on cleaning/organization a while back, and was thinking to my self, Self, what would Amy do??? :) True story chica.

Lesley said...

Funny! I have a grandmother that keeps her house just as you described - perfectly clean, we are talking serious shine, and perfectly clutter free to boot. I've always commented to my mom that NEVER in my life when I stop by there is she EVER cleaning. When and how does she do it? It's like it never collects dust and her sink never has dishes in it! Hmmm... maybe now that she is getting quite old I should see if she wants to move in with me and my family? : )

Your Mom said...

Hate to tell you this, kiddo, but your grandma was that organized when I was a child. Monday was WASH DAY, Tuesday was IRONING DAY, Wednesday was CLEAN THE HOUSE DAY and Girl Scouts, Thursday was something random at home and Primary and Friday was SHOPPING. I don't think it ever varied. And those were the days you hung your wash out to dry and ironing almost everything...but then, she didn't have a cell phone with texting.

Rachel said...

Today I almost stayed home from watching the boys play bball so that I could catch up on housework and a couple of projects. I spent 30 minutes picking up and then joined the family. I almost missed a perfectly fun day with my kids and husband in the name of trying to have a perfect house. Guess what? No one would have seen that perfect house... I'm starting to realize its not about the perfect order of a home that give life meaning. If we never leave the house because we need to clean it we'll never SEE the world or our children embrace it.

Amy said...

Tiffany: you obviously have not been in my "new" house; the house that belongs to the mother of two children vs. the house of a mother of one child. There is a vast difference. I just have not mastered this new addition and how she impacts my cleaning schedule. I have many years to adjust however. It's getting better though.

Lesley: She does it in the wee hours of the night when all old ladies are unable to sleep. Guaranteed! And if she lived with you, perhaps she'd be like the little shoemaker's elves. Wouldn't that be great?

Mom: yeah, you could just make me feel better couldn't you? At least that level of perfection runs in the family and there is hope for me.

Rachel: it's true but I'm about to lose my sanity whenever I walk through the door after spending good quality time with the fam only to realize that a tsunami hit my house while we were away. There has to be a balance there! I WILL FIND IT!

Controlling My Chaos said...

I would love to have a day for everything and stick to it, but I've failed miserably at it. Some days I just don't wanna, you know what I mean?