Friday, February 19, 2010

Do They Still Make Paste?

Bugs told me this morning that her teacher kept her in from recess because she wouldn't stop talking. Oh the memories that brings back. It's not astonishing that this is my child because I can't tell you the trouble I used to get in for talking. Anyone who knows me personally will find this not a far stretch for the imagination; I do rather enjoy talking, just give me a subject.

So I told Bugs how when I was in 2nd grade I tried to glue my lips shut with paste. I literally took the dipstick out and smeared my lips with the goop and tried to wait until it dried. I vividly remember standing there looking outside as I stood next to the cubbies waiting for the paste to dry. What I do recall is that it didn't work, but I enjoyed licking the paste off my lips. Yeah, I was one of those paste-loving kids. And if you weren't one of them, then I'll bet you knew someone who liked the taste of that stuff!

Do you know what Bugs said? What's paste? I forgot! They have these awesome little things now called "gluesticks" that they use instead of messy paste. Seriously, do they even make paste anymore? And if not, many a child is missing a wonderful indoctrination by sticking their tongue onto the dipstick and experiencing paste-heaven. Little sweet, sort of gooey and that smell...I'll never forget it. Not like I'd be STILL eating paste, but it is sort of a funny, good memory.

Anyway, I asked Bugs if she wanted to take a gluestick to her lips and if she wanted to try it, it was just fine with me but she might get in trouble if her teacher found out. Amazingly, the child is still young enough to appreciate that I have already walked down that road and she can learn from my experience. For now.....

2 backward glances:

Lesley said...

This is so funny - funny because every now and then I'll have a student that tries to eat glue! :) For the record as a kindergarten teacher for over ten years now, I mostly use glue bottles and every now and then sticks (the sticks dry out so fast if the top is left off). As for paste, to my knowledge it is still made - I think I still see it in my school catalogs.

So very very funny what you tried in 2nd grade. I wonder what your teacher thought of that? I remember having a friend that once tried to super glue her fingers together so that she wouldn't have to write a school the next day!ha!

Lisa said...

Ohhh yes! Paste! How about rubber cement! Remember that? So fun to make balls out of. And we would put bottle glue all over our hands, let it dry, and peel it off to make a glue hand. Best yet but we didnt use it in school>> whenever we stayed at my grandma's house she would have us cut out pics from magazines and catalogs of what we wanted for Christmas and she would make a flour and water paste for us to paste them to paper. She was a woman of the Great Depression so she would NEVER buy glue, or paste, or whatever! Talk about looking back! this day I am afraid to put flour down my drain for fear the water would glue my pipes shut! haha! I am going to be 46 this April..thank you for the nostalgic memory!