Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Re-Filling The Closet

Have I mentioned my terrible and boring taste in clothes? Ya, I thought I had. And it literally petrifies me anymore to go shopping on my own. I find myself veering toward the old lady stuff and while I won't go anywhere some unnamed stores (CC), I find myself in the "Women's" departments at department stores. More B.O.R.I.N.G.! Not to mention that I don't hardly have anything in my closet that either fits me, I can wear to work, or doesn't carry some emotional baggage with it. It was time to put some new things in there.

So I ran into an old friend at a wedding the other day, an old friend might I add that always has cutting edge style. I LOVE shopping with her. She opens my eyes to possibilities, stuff that I'd never normally go near. But she encourages me to try things on, look at outfits in a new way and imagine myself in clothes that have always been taboo for me for body shape reasons.

I set aside my whole day today to go shopping with her and I had A BLAST! Not only is she super fun to hang out with, she's like my own little cheerleader the whole time, telling me how cute this will make me look, how I should try this on, holding up accessories to me and literally expanding my horizons moment by moment.

I won't tell you how much change I dropped (but at least it was cash!) and I'm thinking of the things I bought and thinking how funny they must look among my drab wardrobe hanging there in my closet but it's a start! I bought leggings, short skirts, shrugs, those long draping sweater/shawl thingamajigs, a funky coat, and a few accessories that I'd never have picked out myself before, and a dress that I still haven't figured out how I'm going to pull off with my ...ahem...other underthingies.

Anyway, long story short - I need to get out a little more. Get out of my comfort zone. I found that I really do like to dress up a little bit. I'd forgotten how much I like to wear cute things. I can see perfectly that I'm creating a little monster. But at least the monster won't be wearing sweats.

3 backward glances:

Christy said...

WOOOHOOO! You go GIRL! I suffer the same sickness but I'm not buying until the last 20 comes off. :) 35 down 20 to go.

P.S. - I've never seen you in sweats and have always thought you looked cute in the outfits I've seen you in.

Tiffany said...

How fun!!! Nothing like a cute new outfit to bring some cheer to your heart :)

Rachel said...

I was totally thinking about my drab wardrobe today. I just been called to YW (again) and starting thinking I need to update my sweatpants to something a little more in style. Do you recommend any stores or brands? My old standbys don't seem to be very chic anymore. Old Navy doesn't fit like it used too and the Gap is so 80s.