Saturday, February 28, 2009

Being Short

We all went to RC Willey this afternoon to look for a new rocker for our front room. I really thought we had enough rockers already but The Marshmallow wants me to be able to rock the baby in every room of our house, so why should I complain?

We looked at quite a few rockers and I had to take my shoes off for each one because most of the time my feet don't reach the floor in a rocker and it's so uncomfortable when I try to rock. I literally have to push off with my tip toes and sort of scrunch down so I can keep it going. It's pretty uncomfortable. Don't laugh! Yeah, I'm 5'1" and it can be inconvenient sometimes!

The Marshmallow has pretty long legs which is a problem for us because furniture that works great for him inevitably sucks for me. Like all the rockers he looked at. So we decided that buying a La Z Boy might be a good idea. The problem is that most La Z Boy's are built for average folks of average height. I am NOT average height and I feel like a little kid whenever I'm sitting in one. My legs dangle over the edge and the neck roll hits me right square in the back of the head instead of the neck forcing my head forward at a most awkward angle. Terrible.

I finally had to sit in nearly every single chair before I finally found one that was made for a shrimp like me. It reminded me of Goldilocks - you know, Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear's individual chairs. Mama Bear's chair was medium sized, just like this little chair I found for myself. It's quite a small chair and when The Marshmallow sat in it, his legs buckled up under his chin and he said it was nearly the most uncomfortable chair he'd ever sat in. Well, I said, good thing it's for me! And because he loves me, he bought it.

3 backward glances:

Rachel said...

That's true love I tell ya. When a man will buy his queen her own throne. Glad your getting out and about :)

Aislinn said...

Awesome! I love it when one finds furniture that's fit just for him (or her). I, being only an inch taller, know just what you mean. It's almost like sugar when you find the perfect fit! Congrats!

Tammy said...

5'1"? Wow that's tall. I'm only 4'9", I feel your pain... and then some.