Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Numbers Are Proof

The day I got home from the hospital, I stepped on the scale and I had only lost 14 lbs. Chalk 1/2 of that up to actual baby, and the other to all the fluid she was floating in and you're probably close to 14 lbs.

I got on the scale again today, 3 days later and have now dropped 25 lbs from my top pregnancy weight. 25 lbs! That's awesome!

Not exactly into anything I formerly could wear and not nearly looking anything remotely like I used to but 25 lbs isn't too shabby. Plus, I still have a lot of water still hanging around. My feet aren't down to normal yet, and neither are my legs. But it's definitely a start.

4 backward glances:

Tiffany said...

WOW!!!! That is impressive! It takes me a lot longer than a week to lose my first 25, so KUDOS!!!

Amy said...

Lol Tiffany - that's because you only weighed 25 lbs to begin with! I've seen you pregnant and you probably only gain 20 lbs!

Aislinn said...

Congrats Amy, that's so wonderful! I'm still losing from my first child and she was born nearly 11 yrs ago!

Rachel said...

So great! Don't get on that scale too much. Let your body heal before you start stressing over the numbers. But I'm happy for you that the numbers are going down again :)