Sunday, February 22, 2009

The 2nd Child

Well, at the close of the second day having (hmmm, what do I name her - I still don't know) the 2nd child home, all is calm on the homefront. Much more calm than I anticipated frankly.

We had a somewhat troubled night with her waking up each hour until 3 when she finally crashed until 7 and that was great. I was tired during the day but was able to get a nap with The Marshmallow's help. Not that it was difficult as 2nd Child slept all day long which isn't a good sign for things to come tonight. What do you do? If you don't expect to be up all night the first month of a child's life than you've got some serious disillusionment problems.

Mainly because she sleeps all day long, there's not much change in what was going on around here before, other than I have a pretty sore tummy along the scar-line. Other than that, it's pretty typical with several nursing breaks. I'm sure it'll change here soon and it'll be nice to see her pretty peepers more.

Today, a large portion of The Marshmallow's family came to visit and they stayed only a few hours. They all came bearing clothing gifts for 2nd Child, greatly appreciated since practically none of her clothing is brand new.

SP is having a strained time adjusting though. Too much attention for 2nd Child, too much disruption in what she knows to be the typical schedule, and too many gifts for 2nd Child. We've already had several pouting sessions but I've been told it only lasts for a couple of weeks. I'll be glad to see the end of it as it truly makes me feel awful. I really haven't ever had to compromise the attention I've given to her and it hurts my feelings almost as bad as it hurts her. (Except that I have another little snuggle-bunny to mack on in the meantime - and don't think that I don't smother her constantly!)

4 backward glances:

Tiffany said...

That is the dilema, isn't it? But you're won't last long. You've probably already done this, but a tradition we started when we bring home a new baby is the new baby gets a gift for each child, and then each child gets to get a gift for the baby. It's more stuff to buy, but I've been surprised how much it's helped those initial jealous issues. A side note, I would love to have SP come over to play sometime with the kids if you think that would be good for her (and you). let me know!!!

Christy said...

She'll sleep a lot for the first few days...maybe even a week - at least that's what my kids have done. And there is sleep with newborns, I have proven that 6 times over. It is training and I know other Moms who have done it too. Yes, you still have to get up to do feedings but only a couple of times and not every hour on the hour. Just train her. As she gets older don't let her sleep past a certain time at night. Keep her awake so she will be tired for bedtime. I'm sure you know all of this already. So glad you're both home and doing well. She's really is beautiful. I second Tiffany's offer...Natalie is welcome to come over any time. Sarah is always looking for a playmate. :) Take Care!

Kimmie said...

I love the new name for DS or Todd. That is great. I am glad things are going well. Bethie can not wait to come and get Nat on Tuesday. We are going to have a blast. Nicole is beautiful....that look of her in her bed sound asleep brings back so many memories.

Heidi Sue said...

Soon things will be normal, and SP will feel good. They will be best buds for life. Girls a lot easier that way than boys. Soon you will have baby #2 on the same schedule as everyone else.In a month from now everything will be different.