Sunday, February 15, 2009

Body Stats

Just for kicks, I took my measurements today. Keep in mind my due date was yesterday. Do I enjoy torturing myself? I must.

Keeping track of my body stats is a slight compulsion of mine and I've been logging them on a spreadsheet for about 6 years. The last time I took my measurements was 3 days after I got pregnant so it's interesting to see how my body has changed this past 9 months. It's absolutely unreal how many inches this body has put on. One can only hope it's mainly water!

Since I don't plan to be pregnant ever again and currently weigh more than I have ever (or ever will again), it's interesting to see how "big" my body really is with all this baby & water weight. My feet alone, measured around the middle are 10"! My ankles are also measuring 10" around!

You want to see something funny? I swore I wouldn't share this but what the heck. It's hilarious! Can the real ankle please stand up?I can't wait to see my real ankles again, lol! (and my real waist, and belly, and knees, and neck, and....)

6 backward glances:

Elizabeth said...

For a month or two after you deliver, you won't even believe how fast you'll shed that water. You'll pee a LOT, plus you'll have a period too (stock up on nighttime absorbency pads, you'll need em!).

Sending you easy delivery vibes and I can't wait for the "it's a baby!" post!!!

Christy said...

You're awesome! The end is near. Can't wait to see the beautiful little angel you grew and nurtured in your tummy over the last 9 months.

Katie said...

The marathon is almost over! Good job.

Rachel said...

Oh Amy, its true the body does bounce back. I have been thinking of you like crazy. Sending you good vibes for Tuesday.

The Napiers said...

I think you have the cutest toes... Love you! Please text when that sweet baby gets here!! - Sues

Heidi Sue said...

I am so excited for you also. I want you to feel better. I know that you are going to shed pounds fast. You start running right after you have the baby.