Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Productive Day, Unproductive Moments

...and yet, those unproductive moments just were SO productive as I gave back to myself a little bit of silence, and serenity.

I had a blast of "old self" today and made a huge list of "productives", and just like the former me I laid into them with zest accomplishing one after another like clockwork. The only difference is that now I need a few rests so that I don't crash (well, I did anyway but that's another story).

At a recent party, a friend gave little baby-food bottles of varied jellybellies. And I came across them in my travels. During one of my breaks, I took the little bottle into a dark room and I sat with my eyes closed eating one after another, letting my sense of taste take over. I analyzed each flavor, shutting the rest of the world out as I tried to figure out what each bean was just from taste. It was wonderful!

I discovered that my favorites were true beans themselves..."coffee", "vanilla", "chocolate" - although my favorite still is that toasted marshmallow. My least favorite tastes like baby aspirin. (orange creme or something like that).

So enjoyable did I find this quite moment to myself that I didn't even mind when eventually SP came in to break the silence by insisting I give her all of the green ones. I mean, what good's a jellybelly if you can't even share them?

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Heidi Sue said...

Good for you!