Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Change in Transportation

About 3 weeks ago, we bought a new car and traded the Tahoe in. We got a new Jeep Grand Cherokee (again) this time - our third since we've been married.

The Marshmallow has already had some bigger tires and flashy wheels put on (that took about 3 days) and he wants to tint the front windows to an illegal shade, which on one hand makes it sort of difficult to drive at night, but really makes the car look snazzy. And hey, I don't do much driving at night anyway, especially once the baby comes. To heck with all the chihuahuas poor innocent animals I mow over because I can't see 'em.

Jeeps seem to fit my body type well, and I feel really comfortable driving them. It is definitely more compact than my Tahoe which has been a little difficult getting used to, but then what did I need all that space for anyway?

Yesterday, I was able to have an iPod adapter installed in the Jeep (hooray!), something that I swore my next car would have. No sense in having such a huge music collection if I can only listen to it in my house. So far having the adapter has been so much fun. I want to just drive and drive and drive.

Anyway, that's probably the biggest news around here - my new car. I guess I wasn't REALLY excited about the new car because it was one of those "responsible adult" decisions. The Tahoe was seriously killing us in gas and so downsizing a bit helped us economically. We ate it a little on the Tahoe since we turned it in before our lease but what do you do? Our payment went down and so did our gas cost.

2 backward glances:

Casey said...

New cars are always exciting. These days, a trip to Lowes or Target is exciting for me. I'm so lame in my old age. Congrats on the new car!

Chris said...

We have a Cherokee Sport, 10 years now and I love it! Good luck w/the Grand Cherokee.