Thursday, October 30, 2008

How Times Have Changed

In years past when SP has been gone over night to a grandma's house or otherwise, it has been literally party-time for mom. I had lists and lists of things I would do if I had the chance and take advantage of the time, I surely did. Everything from movies, to dinner with friends to hanging out at the bookstore - stuff you can't do with a toddler-in-tow.

Yesterday, I dropped SP over at my mom's for a "grandma-halloween-extravaganza" and she stayed the night. She won't come home until later this afternoon.

Would you like to know what I've done since she's been gone?

1) Yardwork: yee-haw, I could have done that while she was here but it had to be done

2) ok - I went on a much-needed dinner-date with The Marshmallow and had a fantastic time. Makes me remember why I married the man to begin with. I sure like him.

3) Went to bed early so I could ...

4) Go to work this morning at 6am (no, I didn't even SLEEP IN! Am I nuts or what?) and have been working since.

So see? I've not really done anything on my list of "get the kid out of here and let's have some fun" - except have a date.

I guess that means she's finally reached an age where I don't feel like she limits me much anymore and that's a great thing! Just in time to have another baby!

1 backward glances:

Rachel said...

I think I would have taken the Grandma party. But I'm sure dinner with the man was a nice break without SP :)
I've been missing you today... thinking about being a mom to a little girl makes me want to talk about girl things like bows, dresses and dolls :)