Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Have you ever been standing in the bookstore or the library wondering how in the heck you're going to find a book worth reading? There's no fool proof way of finding a fantastic book merely by looking at covers and reading the flaps. Believe me, I've done it millions of times and more often than not, ended up with a total dud.

Those days are OVER though, my friends. I'm here to plug GoodReads, a fantastic new internet site (well, I'm not actually sure how new it is, but it's relatively new to me) that lets you rank all the books you've ever read and share them with your friends.

You'll find out pretty quickly which of your friends share your interests in books by just reading through the lists of books they've liked/disliked. And then, when you are headed to get a book, just look at their list and choose one they loved - chances are, you're going to pick a winner.

I like that I can access GoodReads from the library because if I happen to have forgotten to find out a book I want to get, I can just hop on the internet and look it up while I'm there!

No paid advertising here - just a heck of a good idea!

p.s. there's a widget on the left that links to my GoodReads page!

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