Friday, January 28, 2011

It Might Just Have Been Worth It

(these were the easy days...Tink at 4 months)

The Marshmallow went to a Jazz game with his mom (?!?) tonight and since I was alone, I took my girlie-offspring to the swimming pool. I don't do this. There is not much fun about chasing a headstrong and fear-not toddler around a pool that deepens into oblivion just out of arms reach. Follow this anxiety-inducing experience with managing 3 shivering people, PILES O CRAP that one must bring to the pool with any child under 3, a stroller and the fact that all of us need to be showered, dressed and do it without getting all the dry clothes wet. Add into this mess the fact that the toddler minds no-one and will not think twice about running away from a n@ked mom inside the dressing room, forcing n@ked mom to scurry around to find something to cover herself whilst chasing the demon spawn...god's sweet gift to women. Ahh, it's exciting and exhilarating to be the mother of my Tink.

But I did it today. I hauled my pile o crap, the stroller and children to the rec center along with two pizzas which we ate in 5 seconds flat. And despite my typical MO of not getting wet above the waist, I was drenched. We went down slides, under fountains, around the lazy river, sat on sprayers, sprayed people, dunked each other. I forgot how much fun it can be to go to a pool and do what you're supposed to do there. Get Wet.

They're going to sleep good tonight. At least I hope so because I know I will.

2 backward glances:

Aislinn said...

you're more brave that I am! The last time I took mine to the Rec center it ended in the near death of a child and the near firing of a lifeguard! So glad that you had a good time and survived!

Rachel said...

ooooh! I can't wait to join you soon! Last day in AZ: Feb 7th!!