Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Heart GoodReads

Have you heard of GoodReads? I think most of you probably have and if you haven't, go there immediately. Or, go to my left sidebar and follow the link. If you're a reader (which you probably are since you're here...reading.)

I'm a huge reader. I wouldn't say I'd read anything as the older I get, the more discerning I become, but I read a lot. I used to read a book even if I wasn't enjoying it. Now, I'll read a few pages and if I can't get into it, I dump it. There's too many fish in the sea.

Tonight I got on a bunch of my friend's lists and had so much fun finding out who likes the same types of books that I do and I added a whole bunch of books to my "to-read" list just based on their tastes (that match mine). That's what's so fun. You never have to wonder what to read ever again!

And so tonight I got sucked into a book read challenge to read 50 books this year. Shouldn't be too hard considering I've already read 5 books this year. At this rate, I'll get well over my goal but we'll see. I sort of go in spurts. Follow my progress (and see what I like to read) by watching my new widget on the the left sidebar. If you think there's a book I might like, leave me a comment! I'll need lots of ideas this year!

But the coolest thing ever is this...I recently found an app for my iPhone that will let me download books from the library to read - not just listen to (I figured out how to download the audiobooks a long time ago) but now I can download them and read them on my iPhone too, for free! I'm totally in Nirvana - the library is an amazing and wonderful creation. So is GoodReads.

3 backward glances:

Melanie Posell said...

Whats the name of that app? I love good reads too!

Amy said...

It's called Overdrive and you have to download the "EPUB" format from the Davis County library. Let me know if you need help - it can be a tiny bit tedious if you're doing it the first time.

siteseer said...

wow, that is ambitious. Nearly one a week! I read a lot, but find that I drop everything else when I find a good book and that doesn't always go over too well. I also like to sew and knit and find it best to do just one thing at a time when doing those things lol. Good luck on your challenge, I'm sure you'll achieve it.