Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bugs - Moving On Up

This January marked a monumental occasion for Bugs. A skill she's been working on for several years has finally reached a milestone. We were at an ice skating birthday party last week and Bugs literally wanted me to hold her hand around the ice rink as she held onto the edge. I did this in boots because I didn't want to get skates. I ended up getting in trouble so when I got back outfitted in my skates, there was a woman with Bugs out in the middle of the rink and Bugs was skating and the woman barely had her hands on Bugs. Turns out this woman is an ice-skating instructor who was there and noticed Bugs needed some help. I followed them at a safe distance for awhile until I could see Bugs had the knack of it. By the end of the party, Bugs had it down and was completely on her own. I was so proud of her and she was very proud of herself. It's so great to see your kids learning new skills and how great they feel about themselves when they persevere and gain mastery of something hard. I think we're finally ready to tackle skiing. I've been waiting for that for nearly 7 years! My very own ski buddy.

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