Thursday, January 27, 2011

What's New This Week...

An update on the compelling details of my life this week...

1) I bought way too many boxes of girl scout cookies because the girls are too cute. p.s. I haven't eaten sugar in like 6 months and when the cookies get here, I may be on a perpetual sugar high and gain like 20 lbs. Ok, that's a lie. I had a big dessert at La Caille the other night but it was a special occasion. I was on a sugar high and I didn't weigh myself.

2) My girlies (friends) got dressed up in dresses and as mentioned in item 1, went to La Caille for the heck of it and had Kelly take our pics. This was out of our group character and crazy whimsical. La Caille treated us like peasants. Maybe it was because our upstairs parts weren't hanging out like theirs.

3) I have a bulging disc in my neck - diagnosed Tuesday and felt relief in my neck area for the first time in a very long time. It caused a migraine last weekend that lasted two days and caused me to be unable to go to church. Wait, maybe that was the sugar!

4) At the recommendation of a friend, I started reading "Sarah's Key" and am captivated.

5) I bought some very sexy shoes at Ross for $7. I have no idea where I'll wear them.

6) Started emotionally preparing for The Marshmallow's extended trip to Hawaii and how I'm going to cope. Decided that during the time that he's gone I will a) break Tinkerpot finally of the binky (a task that can only be achieved in The Marshmallows extended absence or he wouldn't be called The Marshmallow) and 2) go visit my little sis who moved to Denver a month ago (the horrible 8 hour drive through the wastelands of Wyoming). This trip will be a good tester for Tink who is able to drive ME to insanity in 2 minutes flat if she is unhappy - and visit my dad who also lives in Denver.

9) Completed screwed up being the Tooth Fairy by forgetting the other night to BE the Tooth Fairy but interestingly, tonight, am being given another chance for the second time in one week. Bugs has lost her 2nd incisor in 5 days. She prayed tonight that the Tooth Fairy was real.

8) I might actually go to bed tonight for the first time on like 3 weeks before 1am. And on that note...

good night.

2 backward glances:

Tiffany said...

that's one productive week! :) Don't worry, our tooth fairy has been late picking up teeth for at least the last 3 or 4 teeth. We reminded the kids that the tooth fairy is suffering from this economy and she doesn't get the same kind of expensive magic to get everything done in one night like Santa does. Whether they believe it or not, they want money, so they play along ;)

Rachel said...

oh no, I missed La Calle. I've never been there :(
I totally pigged out on the girl scout cookies. I even walked to the neighbors house at 7 pm to buy MORE tag a longs for the kids(ME).