Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yard Sales Are Good Things,

I've decided. What's not to love?

I cleaned out many rooms including the dreaded storage room and made an incredibly huge pile of stuff that was out the door. After the yard sale, the pile was greatly reduced. I loaded the rest of what I could part with into the truck and we dropped it at the thrift store. The few things that I couldn't see donating were brought back in and they totaled about 10 items. I probably could have held on to all of that stuff that didn't sell but I couldn't wrap my head around hauling it all back in and putting it back into the cleaned out areas.

I paid Bugs $2/hr to hang out and help me with the yard sale so I wouldn't have to sit out there in the hot sun...bored...all by myself. We played Candyland and talked and had a pretty good time. With the few things that The Marshmallow donated to her cause, I believe she actually made more money than I did. But considering the fact that the Saturday morning otherwise would have been spent in an some other useless occupation, I was glad to spend it de-cluttering my house and making a few bucks while I was at it.

I think I put about 6 hours total into preparation and 5 hours during the sale. By the hour, I got screwed but it overall, it was a win/win. I will definitely do it again.

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