Friday, July 23, 2010

Before I Forget

You know how people always tell you how children from the same parents can be so totally different? I never put much thought into this until I had two. My word!

Bugs took this pic of Tink and me this morning as we were lounging around after getting up late (had to explain the "death warmed over" look) It personifies all that is different between these two girls. Bugs would have, even at Tink's age, posed with a big cheesy grin on her face while she cuddled up to me and immersed herself in the pleasure of being squeezed. Tink can only behave as if the world is crashing down around her.

But then, I sit here as the day winds down and the only one around me is Tink. She goes about her busy business and I want to drink in her essence. Again, it's totally different from Bugs and perhaps that's why I'm so totally enamored of it - it's all new.

She's all soft, pudgy lines...squishy with pink heels from running. She has tree monkey feet that are always a little sticky and can help pull her onto virtually any surface. She's fuzzy, this new hair coming in and her mouth and hands are always a little wet from drool so kisses, though extremely rare, are slobbery and always a little breathy. She's furtive in her movements as she tries to maintain her balance in a dead run. She's soft on every part of her body and her squinty little eyes make her look like she just woke up no matter what time it is. She is much like holding a big water balloon that can't be contained in one armful, always spilling over the sides but the soft, squishy gives with a little pressure wherever you hold it. She's loud and often grouchy and has perfected the fake distress signs. I say, "Who's a pretty little girl?" and she says "Cole".

I wish there was an eu 'd cole just like I wished there was a eu 'd alalie.

2 backward glances:

Lesley said...

Funny and I can so relate. I'm learning that you can have three different personalities from one set of parents! I love your "water balloon" comparison!

Thanks so much for the pattern the other day! I meant to relpy but things have been crazy around here! The baby just got tubes put in yesterday, and yes, I've been busy getting my new room ready.

So happy to hear about your job decision! Sounds like you feel like a bird out of a cage. Good for you.

Here before long I'll email you and do more catching up! Missed talking to you! Have a wonderful weekend!

Rachel said...

perfect description of your little whirlwind. Both your girls are delightful!!