Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stand Up Cake Dragon Part 2

Meet Lucy, named after her friend

Wow. Definitely not an easy cake but actually not as difficult as anticipated. The "Wow" relates to the extensive amount of time I had to dedicate to this project. Well worth it in the end, and especially worth Bugs' wide eyes of pleasure as she inspected the final result.

My first project of the day was to melt some candies and form them into the scales shape. I've never even remotely worked with meltable candy so this was an experience but not bad, all in all.
frozen dragon with ears cut off and emerging tail

Then I had about 4 tons of icing to color - that was a project. My hands are stained a nice shade of pink with black tips. Goth. All I need are some black lace gloves and dreds. O, I forgot the cape.

The tail was the hardest part. I used cupcakes and large marshmallows to get the shape but had to fill in a lot with icing to make it a smoothish shape. Somebody that asks for a piece of the tail is going to be very surprised by the combination of flavors. Barf.

Some icing completed, the tail in its final state before icing

It took me about 3 hours to complete the decorating. Tink was up again...again, up to no good. Gotta love her.
Like mother, like daughter (where'd she get that?)

Bugs and her friend Lucy were in and out of the kitchen periodically checking on our progress. It was magical.What was not magical was the state of my kitchen at the end. I wished for a magic wand - and got arms. Beggers can't be choosers.Oh, and thinking back about my post from the other day about birthday traditions, I guess this is ours. I do cakes. I love doing them. I love letting my kids pick out whatever they want (Tink has yet to do this of course.)

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Aislinn said...

Very cute!! Cakes - especially kid cakes on birthdays - are a lot of work, but it's so worth it to see the smile on their faces!
Our birthday tradition - we decorate the child's room while they are sleeping (the night before) and then the whole day is theirs, from breakfast to dessert that night, they get to choose!!

Mom said...

You weren't thinking of your mom when you said you needed a cape! Your cake looks beautiful and I'm sure the party went well today with the dragon as the scene-stealer!

Lesley said...

Outstanding!! You did an amazing job! I bet everyone had fits over it! The pictures are very cute and I'm laughing because my kitchen always looks like that after a big cooking project : )

Oh and yet another common bond for us - Diet Dr. Pepper! I can even tell you how many cases we go through!

carolee said...

Okay, you are amazing. Is there anything you can't do?

Amy said...

Aislinn: that is a tradition of ours too - an easy one that makes them feel special! i like the decorating idea too!

Mom: eh, the kids don't care about all the hard work. i did it for bugs and me. it was fun.

Lesley: lol, my kitchen unfortunately looks like that daily. i can't keep it clean! Diet Dr Pepper is sooooo good isn't it?

Carolee: you're so cute! there are tons of things that i can't do! most of them are wonderful amazing things that you seem so adept at! the grass is greener right?

Rachel said...

3 hours on a cake that was eaten in 10 minutes! The cake is adorable, the picture of Bugs is priceless. Totally worth the 3 hours, but WOW! Seriously you have outdone yourself once again. You're Amazing!
Please don't ever tell Charley about this tradition... I'll never be able to do it year after year.