Friday, May 21, 2010

Bug's Birthday

sooooo, on a less personal note that is less about my reproduction and more about my children (and aren't you so glad to not be talking about condoms anymore), here is the cake that Bugs has requested for her birthday this year.

I definitely have a funny little girl turning 6 this year. Not only did she NOT want the girl room at Kangaroo Zoo this year, she opted for this funny little dragon over butterflys, princesses, kitty's and all the other girl related stuff. I don't care, I think it's cute and rather quirky. Maybe we'll make Mr. Dragon pink and purple or something.

This is my first stand-up cake and I'm really excited to try it. Other than making sure the actual cake turns out okay, it will be easy to decorate. And the tail is made out of big marshmallows. Fun! I'm excited for next week to make this!

2 backward glances:

Lesley said...

Oh my gosh, I can't wait to see the pictures from this!!! I've tried my hand at cake decorating and what I've learned is that I'm REALLY slow!

Amy said...

it's a good thing i have two kids now because i'll have at least twice a year to practice! up until now it's been a once a year thing and you don't retain much only doing something once yearly! i'm excited - it's a Wednesday activity.