Sunday, May 30, 2010

6 - What Am I To Expect From You

From the age I mean. Bugs is now six. She woke up six and while I don't lament the passage of five, I have trepidation about what to expect from six. I do hope that it is less arguing and more maturity but we rarely get what we hope for, rather the wonderful changes are in new and unexpected ways that please nonetheless.We surprised Bugs this morning by taking her to the Discovery Museum at Gateway which she loves. This was Tinker's first time as well and it was good times all around. The phrase "divide and conquer" became our creed as The Marshmallow and I managed the chaos. I failed and misplaced Tinker once. The child is fast. I lost my Mommy badge and was permanently grounded from taking both children there again by myself. Not that I would anyway.We had a small family bbq in which my mom, grandma, sister and her kids came and had hamburgers and a menagerie of other fun things. I created an ice cream cake roll for dessert that is sort of a family tradition on my side and taking a bite of it tonight took me back about 20 years in time. Evidently I made the cake correctly because no one complained, especially Tinker who took matters into her own hands when my sister failed to feed her fast enough.I remembered another family tradition that we do. Bugs loves treasure hunts so I create an extensive one that places presents at various clues. She loves it and it draws out the fun of opening presents. I've decided also to take it a step further and do it with Christmas as well which will also build up the anticipation a bit. I'm looking forward to that.

Bugs was the star of the show today and I have hardly seen a more tired girl by the end of the day. She was absolutely exhausted. The day was hers from beginning to end. I just don't know how I got such a fantastic little girl to be my very own. I told her the story of her birth last night and I rehearsed it as if it happened yesterday, everything so vivid in my mind. To me, it was yesterday. And now here she is...a little friend just for me.On another note, I vow right here and now to never wear a white shirt again. As much as I love white shirts, they don't love me. You heard it here first.

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Rachel said...

Happy belated bday to Bugs. She does look so grown up, where is her blond hair? The sewing project looks interesting. Can I bring you my half a dozen down east shirts to spice up? There is no way I'll sew them but the ruffles look adorable. I throw them in the suitcase. I fly in on Saturday... until July 7th. I'll call you to plan a play date :)