Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby Carrier - My Version

I have a girlfriend who is having a baby boy in just a few weeks and I've wanted to do something for her since she is so good to me.

I love the baby carrier covers that everyone has now. I never had one but that's because I never would cough up the cash and didn't have this fabulous sewing machine (haha, nor the capability to make one).

But with a renewed sense of confidence in my sewing skills, I decided to make one and they're easy. I modified the instructions to suit what I wanted and it turned out pretty well - good enough to gift.

If anyone would like the instructions, I'd be happy to put up a tutorial since it was difficult for me to find a tutorial and then I had to change it quite a bit (velcro vs. buttons, larger straps, longer length, etc.).

I wish I could have found cuter fabric but I was on a strict schedule and had to go with what was there but it's cute anyway.

3 backward glances:

Lesley said...

I think it turned out great - what a nice gift idea too!

I have a shopping cart/high chair cover that I got off of esty for $35. It's super padded, has a nylon strap w/buckle, and a handy pocket. I keep looking for a pattern just like it, but the store-bought patterns aren't quite as good. Anyway, I'd really like to try making one for a gift.

Amy said...

My mom used to tear things apart to make patterns. Why don't you try that?

Rachel said...

Your sewing machine must be smokin' with all the work you're doing lately. Very Cute Stuff! Happy Mother's Day to you. Did you give the girls an extra squeeze today :)