Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sewing Faster

It's about time for me to venture into the realm of sewing for myself. I have enough confidence now that I'm sure I could pull off a few really cute things and I'm eying a skirt at DownEast Outfitters that looks incredibly easy and also incredibly cute. I checked it out today to see how it was made and found that I've made several for Bugs just recently that make use of many of the same techniques. Now all I need is the perfect fabric.Here are a few things I threw together this weekend in a couple of spare hours. The skirt is one I've been looking at in different patterns and finally decided I was ready. Not that it was hard, not be any stretch. It just took a little time to get all the squares cut out. I'm getting cheap lately with fabric and everything here was pulled from my growing stack of remnants. There are some great fabrics out there but I'm sticking to lower cost ones even if they're not quite as cute. I think it turned out great and Bugs looks adorable as ever in it.I bought this yellow pillowcase at the thrift store for a quarter. I added some ribbon for the arm holes and a white broadcloth ruffle at the bottom. I think I'll add some fat ric rak to it or maybe even a cloth flower and it's all done. It was by far the least expensive project I've done so far. Best thing is, someone had that pillowcase a looooong time. It's 100% cotton and so very very very soft after its' use. I love how it feels.

3 backward glances:

Katie said...

Where did you get the pattern for the adult skirt? I need it:)

Amy said...

That's the thing. I DON'T have it. But I want it. I'm going to look around for versions of it but I think it's a lot in the fabric you select. the skirt is lined and has a layer of tule ruffle at the bottom. The top skirt is a 100% cotton, very lightweight material. it has about a 3" waistband with probably a zipper at the back (i forgot to check). either way, there are tons of patterns out there and i even have a few that might be close enough. i think i can figure it out. if i do, i'll pass it along to you.

Proud Mom said...

Amy--Bugs' skirt looks like some of my quilting--unquilted! You talked about cutting out squares--which is exactly what I do. And then you piece them together...which is the next step to quilting. The only difference is that you then put the pieced article on, whereas I put my pieced article "on" a frame and quilt it! Bravo from your proud mother!