Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Very Productive Day

was spent in my pajamas. Isn't that great?

I had one agenda item today and it was to clean off the ridiculously high pile of mundanity (yeah, I just made up that word and the definition is: mundane at its highest), from my desk. There has been so much crap piling up there lately that there hasn't been any room to set my laptop let alone do anything. My desk sits in the free flow of traffic which is unfortunate because I pass it like a zillion times a day and every time I pass it I groan because I knew it would take an eternity to get to the wood surface.

But I did it today. It took me all day. Minus the hour or two spent feeding children, and finally showering myself. But the desk is clean and even better, I have a to-do list of all the projects that were sitting here to be done. Some of the were actually accomplished today while I cleared away the rubble, but most of them sit in a bin waiting for another day when I can tackle them. Best of all, I have a wood surface to place my computer on, one that will gleam at me as I walk past it multitudes of times.

To make the day even better, this is one of the projects I was able to complete today with my newly de-infested desk. I made a Personal Progress Pail which holds incentives for girls who complete PP experiences. They can drop their names in a ballot box weekly and then once per month I will draw a name and that person can pick from the Personal Progress Pail, which is filled with goodies that teenaged girls like. How fun is that?
Anyway, I'm tired. It's 10pm and past my bedtime so I'm going to head up there to my favorite place in the house. I'm reading that series Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr - about the dragons. I'm halfway through the second one. It's really good if you like that fantasy fiction stuff which of course I love. My books are on my computer so I'll take that with me up there. Just so you can picture it :) ... nitey nite.

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Christy said...

You'd probably like Ranger's Apprentice Series and like I've offered before...we have all of the Fablehaven books if you wanna borrow them.