Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Meat Slicer, a High Temperature and a Fat Lip

This was my Monday.

We bought a meat slicer on Saturday and we were so excited to use it. We bought a rib steak and The Marshmallow, after warning me several times of the danger of meat slicers, proceeded to slice the puppy up.

Meanwhile, I am nursing the poor fat lip of my 5 year old who was bouncing around, quite acrobatically, on one of these...
and as she was bouncing around the corner into the dining room, she ran smack into a very sharp corner nearly knocking out her incisor, causing it to bleed and creating a rather bluish fat lip.

In the other corner, Tinkerpot had been fussy all day (except for the 20 minutes it took me to take her pictures). Otherwise, her runny nose was running a marathon and by 7pm, she had a 102 degree fever. So I'm up to my ears in her too.

And then I hear the yelling from the kitchen just as the meat slicer stops running and I imagining body parts on the counter and blood fountains. I go running into the kitchen and The Marshmallow is running around looking for something to soak up the blood that is gushing from his hand. I'm still thinking he'd cut off his finger, but no. He just opened up a gash so big that he had to go get stitches. Needless to say I'm living in terror now of the meat slicer (which was a gift to me...which I did indeed want very much btw). I'm pretty certain that all meat that needs sliced around here will be done by him since I'm sure he's got a healthy respect for the thing now.

So by 9pm, the kids were abed and I was absolutely done and I thought I'd cut my losses and go to bed 'lest I end up with some broken bone or worse since I was the last one left in the family who could still be considered "healthy".

Anyway, that was two days ago. Tink still is running that high fever and I've had some hard days. Hopefully she's on the mend and will have a brighter outlook tomorrow. I pray for this.

In other news, I purchased a little Nikon Coolpix for The Marshmallow for V-Day and was so excited! It's what he's been asking for. It was on order as of this afternoon when he came home and told me that he was totally ready to do a cell phone upgrade to an iPhone and do we have the money for it? Turns out it's the exact same amount as what I just bought that camera for. So I immediately got on the internet and canceled the camera and told him I'd give him the $$ for the iPhone...and I told him what I'd done. Turns out he wants the camera instead. (that's because he's never had an iPhone so he has NO IDEA that an iPhone is the most amazing device in the world to date). So I reordered the camera. And now the surprise is ruined...that's totally deflating. I wish he'd never even said anything.

Ok, that's all that's going on here. Can't wait for Spring...getting ready to start my indoor garden. Praying for warm weather soon...

Have a great night!

2 backward glances:

Tiffany said...

Nice, Amy. Hopefully, you put the kids to bed early and called it a night after that. Days like that are my favorite ;)

Rachel said...

Oh poor tinkerpot. Poor Marshmellow and poor SP. How are you doing?
Sounds like last week was a rough one.