Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baby Party

I have less than a month to plan the baby's first birthday party! It's plenty of time, I'm not worried about that especially because it's only a small group of family that will be there.

When Bugs turned 1, we had a big backyard party and half of the known world came. It was really fun and exciting. Bugs had a ball and stripped down to her diaper, toddling around the yard. It was Memorial Day weekend so it was hot and wonderful.

This baby was born in the heart of winter so the party, unfortunately will be indoors. I did want a February baby - just never thought about what the parties would be like. Course I always had indoor parties and never felt gypped.

I was planning to make a beautiful fondant cake made from building blocks in pastel colors. I love making birthday cakes - it touches my inner creativity and makes me feel like the world's best mom that I create beautiful, homemade cakes for my kids' birthdays. I've only ever purchased 1 cake for Bugs and it was because she begged for that kitty cupcake cake.

Anyway back to the fondant...which I've never used. I was very nearly buying it when I was reading something about more nutritious choices for baby's first birthday. They suggested rather than making sugar-icing laden cakes, opt for a choice like carrot cake with cream cheese frosting instead...a healthier choice since at a year old, every bite they make counts with their tiny tummies.

And while I usually balk at totally over the top people who completely go overboard when it comes children and healthy eating to the point of distraction and not letting a kid be a kid, I sort of like this idea. It will be easier for me to make a cake like this and I can still make cute building blocks but I won't have to worry about sugar overload, a baby eating fondant (is that even ok?), and all the time I will spend worrying about how to even use fondant. There are many other years for that - something my little sister put me onto this year. Here's a girl with nearly 4 (ha, one is still in gestation but that provides it's own limitations!), all of them under 4, 2 still in diapers ... and she's learning new and extremely awesome skills like using fondant. Inspiring!

Anyway, can't believe I'm already planning Tink's party. I no longer have a baby. She's a total toddler right down to her toddler toes. She giggles, says no, holds the phone to her head and says "hi" and tries to say "thank you" although it's really like "di di" in that perfect little tone. *sigh* one tiring but satisfying year down, many wonderful years to come.

2 backward glances:

Tammy said...

Before you know it, she'll be off to college. Lol. My kids are 10 and 6. I remember both of their first birthdays. They were very special.

Rachel said...

I'm such a loser. We didn't do a thing for Charley's 1st birthday. I wasn't even home most of the day. Good for you for making all the cakes, you are amazing!