Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Not Really a Funk - More Like Bad Habits

When does reading a book become a bad habit? When it takes over your life. I used to judge a book by its thickness. If it wasn't thick, I didn't even consider it. I wanted a book that would capture my attention for at least 3 days vs some of these thinner books that I can get through in one night. And then I met "The Trilogy". Ahhh. What a wonderful little invention! I can escape for weeks on end!

And then...I became a mother. And escaping for weeks on end is not a good thing. It's scary and irresponsible. But I'm like a freakin' kid in a candy shoppe. I get my hands on a good book and it's the worst addiction EVER. And right now I'm into a "trilogy" that's not really a trilogy but more like a seven-ilogy. Whatever THAT word is. But it's so awesome!

(*my head bobs to "I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It") OM - I LOVE that song! Yeah, I'm awful - but at least I don't play it when my kids are around.

I download the books from the Salt Lake County library and they either can be transferred to my little PDA (like a palm) or just read them on my computer...which I do...ALL DAY. Think I'm wierd, I dare ya. It's alright - I'm okay with it.

So I'm not doing much else right now. Ya, the laundry is getting done slowly and I seriously have to force myself to do it. I clean - if I have to. Stuff gets done but the bare minimum just so I can read.

And I know I need to do something about it. I'm praying about it. No seriously. I am! And things have improved a bit. I don't read every single minute of every day. I've shifted my attention a bit to other things. Here and there I've made some more girly bows for my kids, and I made a "blankie" for Tinkerpot. I plan to weed one of my flower beds today before the soil dries out too much. And we're going to the pool this afternoon. And really folks...that's progress! Last week, I finished 3 of the 7 books in 5 days. It's just pathetic. It's a sickness. I'm sick.

4 backward glances:

Ellen said...

You are so freaking funny and totally awesome cuz this is EXACTLY WHAT I DO. E X A C T L Y. And i found a compromise. i make my 'to do list' then i read a chapter, do an item on my to do list, read a chapter, do an item on my to do list. if i'm motivated, maybe i'll do a few items and then read a few chapters. but i force myself to get up and do something on my list when i come to the end of my chapter. it works well. then i can read a lot, but i still get a lot done (and usually a little faster, too, if the book is good).
anyway, glad to know what's been holding your attention. i've missed hearing from you for the past little while ;)

steph said...

I'm in the same boat with you guys!

Amy said...

L: I know you do that and that has been what I've been doing too since you told me that. And it works if I'm disciplined. Problem is that my book is up on my computer screen on my laptop which, as you know, sits in a very prominent and highly trafficed area of my house so the temptation to catch a few lines is absolutely irresistible. But, I'm working on it. Us bookworms, we're hopeless!

Stephanie: I didn't know you are a big reader. Do you have GoodReads? I always like to see what people are reading.

Tiffany said...

Sick, nope. Awesome? Yes!!! And did you happen to notice all those other things you accomplished. You have nothing to worry about. Read a good one for me ;)