Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just Another Sunday

...and it was the first Sunday where I became painfully aware of how difficult it is to have a baby at church. I didn't go to church until Bug's was about 16 months old and by then, while it wasn't exactly easy, she was an easy child and #1 I didn't have to haul a whole lot of crap to church, #2 I spent no time in the Mother's Room, #3 she was practically potty trained and #4 I didn't have to carry her anywhere.

I feel like a walking gypsy train with all the stuff I haul around. It would be absolutely ridiculous if I didn't need each and every single item I took. But I discovered one of the primary shoes. If I could wear shoes that were a little more practical, I might not mind schlepping the child and kitchen sink everywhere. But in 3" heels, it just gets to be stupid. This week, I'm going to buy a couple pairs of new shoes - not ugly, just practical, to get me through this phase and then I can go back to the pretty shoes.

I've allocated nearly all of tomorrow to Personal Progress interviews with the Young Women. I failed to mention that I've been called as the Personal Progress Specialist and it is my duty to keep it all organized for all of the girls. I've divided the day into 15 minute chunks tomorrow and have appointments nearly all day long. I've needed to do this so that the girls can spend the summer actually working on things and perhaps someone can finish up before school starts again. Much as I hate to give an entire day away like that, I suppose my day never really belonged to me in the first place and that the Lord just let me borrow it :) I'm happy to be doing His work.

I've got several goals this week and want to jot them down so as to document it somewhere.

#1 Start/finish the 1/2 curtain for Tinkerpot's bedroom under her changing table (it's a storage space that needs a screen)

#2 get 70% of all Personal Progress interviews completed

#3 Organize the new Mix 'n Fix that I'll be hosting. Anyone interested just let me know.

#4 Make a new bow board for our bows. (the last one is already full)

Wednesday is a canning day. Renee and I have put aside every Wednesday this summer to do canning of one thing or another. I don't know what we're canning on Wednesday but I know it'll be good. We're hoping to do beans, peaches, tomatoes, tomato juice, pears, chili, salsa, and a few types of hard beans just to say we tried them. If anyone knows some good recipes for doing those, we'd be grateful!

4 backward glances:

B, C, and D said...

Hi there! Hey, I've got a chart for personal progress that outlines all the requirements/time frame for each value experience. It was really helpful for some of the girls in our group. If you'd like it I can email it to you. :)

Ellen said...

Hey dood, that sounds awesome! Congrats on the new calling. I was just called as the 2nd counselor in the YW presidency, so we're working with them together! Yippee! That's awesome about the canning goal, too. Wish I lived closer so I could do that with you guys. Sounds like fun. As soon as I get some ribbon, I'm gonna try those bows you posted last time. They're gonna look awesome in Ab's hair. Anyway, long comment. C ya!

Kimmie said...

What is a Mix n' Fix?

siteseer said...

You are one very busy lady - especially considering you have little ones. Can you say "superwoman" lol. The Lord is really leading you.